About Us

Tutu Maniac LLC is a premier, upscale kids birthday party boutique with a home base in Atlanta, GA. Tutu Maniac was founded in 2014 by DeAndrea Byrd.

As a result of selecting one of our birthday party packages, you daughter will have the most epic birthday party experience ever!
Your princess will make memories with her childhood friends that will be the talk of the lunch room for years to come.

By clicking the booking button  and selecting one of our super girly party packages,
this will put you on the map as the best parent ever. I mean the absolute "BEST" mom and dad ever!
You will have bragging rights at all the upcoming holiday family functions, PTA events and neighborhood cookouts.

At Tutu Maniac, we specialize in upscale spa parties, slumber party facilitation, tutu parties, and craft parties.
Our party packages focus on  primping & pampering young girls and teens to look and feel their absolute best!

We are known her in Atlanta for our super fun kids events and being experts in the party planning field We enjoy creating customized parties with the best services available that will make your princess feel confident and gorgeous after she leaves.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for birthdays, graduations,
girl parties, team organization banquets or any other child celebrations!